5 Power Gemstones for Women over 40

Ancient civilizations understood that there are powerful energies surrounding us and that crystals emits its own natural vibrations. The first historical documentation of crystals originated from the Ancient Sumerians (c. 4500 to c. 2000 BC). The Sumerians used crystals in their healing formulas.   In the early 1980s new age movement there was a crystal healing comeback and today is a sought-after wellness practices which continues to increase in popularity.  Devotees of crystals are returning to the healing energy of mother earth.  Each crystal comes with a different set of properties, as we explore below, can be powerfully supportive in all areas, from boosting creativity, personal power and inner harmony to increasing self-confidence and peace of mind.

If you don’t fancy wearing gemstone jewelry you can put them in a bowl to decorate your home and still benefit from their healing properties.

There are hundreds of crystals to choose from, but below are five power crystals every woman over fifty should have: