Astrophyllite Druzy Pendant, Sterling Silver-Gemstone Jewelry

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  • $110.00 CAD

This unique natural Astrophyllite Druzy is set in .925 solid sterling silver.

*Chain sold separately.

This pendant will come to you in an organza gift bag, along with an information sheet on the various crystal meanings.

Associated with the celestial, Astrophyllite has been called ‘a gateway to the stars’ for its unique beauty and metaphysical reputation.  Astrophyllite is thought to expand one’s consciousness and expose the many layers of reality. It embraces the multidimensionality of being. In the physical world, there are things we are unable to perceive, such as certain wavelengths of light, sounds out of our hearing range and possibly higher dimensions that interact with us in imperceptible ways.  Astrophyllite is thought to compensate for our physical restrictions by expanding our spiritual perception of all things. It is a popular stone for those working on 'Astral Travel'.

As Astrophyllite is a bridge for perception, it also activates the highest and lowest chakras, uniting each energy center along the way. It is a stone of fullness, acceptance and transcendence.

Astrophyllite is also thought to help us sense the needs of others, and has become a popular stone for acupuncturists, Reiki practitioners and even manage therapists.

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