Pearl Necklace-Gemstone Jewelry

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  • $25.00 CAD

This beautiful necklace is made with natural fresh water pearls.  The clasp is a made with gold colored alloy.

Pearl size: 5-6mm,  Necklace length: 18"

♥ Packaging:
This necklace will come to you in an organza gift bag, along with an information sheet on the various crystal meanings.


Pearl is a stone that will offer protection and security in all aspects. You can go about doing your everyday tasks knowing that protective energies surround you.  Pearl is also known for its powerful calming effects and its ability to balance your aura.  It will ground and center you no matter how chaotic your world gets.   You will be firmly anchored to reality, but you will not become jaded or cynical, either.  This stone will enlighten your mind and help you determine right from wrong.  It will make you realize that not everything is black or white, and not everything is set in stone.  It will also make you realize that learning to love yourself will help you learn to love others.  When you cultivate a healthy sense of self-love, you will be more generous and open to giving love away!  It’s a stone that will cultivate your inner wisdom. Its energies will also show you how you can strengthen and nurture pure love in your life.  Pearl will bring energies of charity and generosity. It will also bring more loving and faithful people in your life!

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