Madagascar White Dendritic Agate Mala Necklace-Gemstone Jewelry

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  • $130.00 CAD

Madagascar White Dendritic Agate accented with Silver Crazy Lace Agate gemstone beads and pendant knotted with black silk thread.

Made with a total of 85 beads. There is no significance in the number ~ it was designed for it's length for everyday wear.  No clasp for easy on and off over the head.

♥ Packaging:
This mala necklace will come to you in a cloth mala gift bag, along with an information sheet on the various crystal meanings.


Madagascar White Dendritic Agate is a stone that provides protection and activates all of the chakras. It can be used to eliminate negative thinking and instill confidence. It enhances mental function and enables one to think clearly about oneself and others. It encourages self-acceptance and reduces feelings of guilt.

Silver Crazy Lace Agate is also known as happy lace or the laughter stone. Its energies are strong, yet soothing and energizing. It vibrates at a lower frequency compared to other gemstones, which means it can bring your own energy to a more grounded and attuned frequency.

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