Mala Necklace Set-Triple Protection

  • $160.00 CAD

This beautiful mala necklace and bracelet is sure to protect you! The mala necklace is made with 72 beads made up of tiger eye, hematite and rainbow obsidian.  Circumference is 23 inches. 

The stretchy elastic bracelet is made with the same beads accented with one LGJ spacer bead. Please indicate in the remarks section at checkout the bracelet size you wish to order. 


Tiger Eye's ability to bestow fierce focus and primal power bolsters its tiger-like reputation. This crystal shifts your outlook so that you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Is there a new hobby you’d like to try? A solution to a problem you haven’t considered? An aspect to yourself that you haven’t indulged? Tiger’s eye connects to the solar plexus and sacral chakras to ground you in the power you need to pursue those ventures.

Hematite tells it like it is. If you’re spinning out of control, or spending all your time going over things in your mind on constant replay, hematite is going to give you a reality check. It brings you out of your mind and back down to earth. Hematite’s energy focuses on the body, and it teaches us to do the same. Rather than over analyzing due to stress or anxiety, use hematite to connect to your root chakra so that you can stay grounded and just be.

Rainbow Obsidian is said to bring joy, love and light into your life.   It works by grounding out negativity to let light in.  It is useful when used to help soften & ease the effects of shock and fear.

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