Raven Skull Pendant-Gemstone Jewelry

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  • $60.00 CAD

Although a real raven skull can be as huge as 5 inches in length (over 120mm), this 3D skull is 78mm (3 inches).  This is a heavier pendant that can be worn on a heavy chain or used as an ornament. Chain sold separately.  

Choose from either antique brass silver plated (as shown in picture) or antique brass (gold tone).

The raven is the symbol of magic and is often considered a bit of a trickster, revered and respected in equal measure in Native American culture as a messenger from the cosmos and creature of metamorphosis. Powerful stuff indeed.

The ravens are not just beautiful dark creatures but also highly intelligent, which is not surprising considering they have one of the largest brains of all the birds.   The raven skull symbolism of wisdom and knowledge-keeping.

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