Lava Stone & Turquoise Howlite Bracelet, Aromatherapy-Gemstone Jewelry

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This bracelet is made with lava stone, turquoise howlite, two antique brass spacers and stretchy elastic.  Use any essential oil to customize the scent. 

Aromatherapy | How it works: Once an essential oil has been selected apply 1-2 drops directly onto a couple of lava stones. The scent may last between 3-5 days depending on the intensity of oil applied. The same essential oil can be reapplied or the lava stone can be washed with gentle soap, dried thoroughly, and a new scent applied.


Black Lava Stone is a powerful cleanser of psychic smog created within your aura, and is a strong psychic protection stone that also symbolizes rebirth. Lava Stone is an excellent aid in balancing and grounding the Base Chakra. It has strong earth and fire energies due to its formation in the Earths fiery center. Use Lava rock in attempts to remain grounded and calm.   Lava stone is formed as lava from volcanic eruptions cools on the earth's surface. The speed at which it cools prevents crystallization and the rock forms as solid volcanic rock.

Turquoise Howlite is dyed natural howlite. As a healing stone, it has all the generic properties of howlite but additional properties associated with its colour. Turquoise / Blue Howlite can aid dream recall and enables the understanding of dreams. It can also assist astral travel during sleep. Howlite is a very calming stone. It is an excellent remedy for insomnia and is calming for an overactive mind meaning that it can also be used as an aid for meditation. Howlite aids patience and removes rage and anger, including any anger directed towards its owner.

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