5 Powerful Gemstones for Women over 40

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Ancient civilizations understood that there are powerful energies surrounding us and that gemstones emits its own natural vibrations. The first historical documentation of gemstones originated from the Ancient Sumerians (c. 4500 to c. 2000 BC). The Sumerians used gemstones in their healing formulas.   In the early 1980s new age movement there was a crystal healing comeback and today is a sought-after wellness practice which continues to increase in popularity.  Devotees of gemstones are returning to the healing energy of mother earth.  Each gemstone comes with a different set of properties, as we explore below, can be powerfully supportive in all areas, from boosting creativity, personal power and inner harmony to increasing self-confidence and peace of mind.

If you don’t fancy wearing gemstone jewelry you can put them in a bowl to decorate your home and still benefit from their healing properties.

There are hundreds of gemstones to choose from, but below are five power gemstones every woman over fifty should have:


The citrine, with its warm, yellow orange color, is a happy, positive stone, believed to carry the power of the sun, and is energizing and highly creative.  It absorbs negative energy and raises self-esteem and confidence, while removing any destructive tendencies.  It encourages creativity and self-expression, making one less sensitive to criticism, and promotes the enjoyment of new experiences.

On the healing front, it can help with menstrual issues and peri-menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes and fatigue.

It is also a stone of abundance, sometimes called the merchant’s stone, helping to manifest and attract wealth, prosperity, success and all good things in life.   Place a yellow or orange citrine in your purse to encourage the cash to flow in, or try leaving one on your business papers or files to help promote your business.


This pretty pale stone is connected to the moon and feminine intuition.  It is powerful at calming emotions, while promoting a sense of self-worth.  Full of receptive feminine energy, it can help to counter over-sensitivity.  Known as the stone of new beginnings, it might be worth carrying or wearing a moonstone while starting a new venture or business.

It is also believed to alleviate menstrual-related issues and to counter the effects of peri-menopause, reducing hot flushes and mood swings.

Rose Quartz

The rose quartz is traditionally known as the stone of unconditional love and romance, and is the most important gemstone for the heart and heart chakra.   It’s also said to draw away negative energy and emotions, such as heartache, grief and vulnerability, replacing them with love.  It’s calming and reassuring, will improve self-esteem, and is helpful during a traumatic period such as the mid-life crisis.

As if this wasn’t enough, the rose quartz can also be used as part of your skincare routine – in Egyptian times, masks carved from rose quartz were applied to the face as a beauty treatment.  Today, many beauticians recommend massaging the face with a smooth gemstone, but for a simple daily practice, try immersing a stone in the water you use to wash your face, as this is believed to help diminish lines, improve skin tone and stimulate a beautiful complexion.

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye combines the energy of the earth with the energies of the sun, and is a stone which assists in the accomplishment of goals, so is a great gemstone to wear or to carry in a handbag during meetings.  It also tackles issues of self-worth and self-criticism,  while unblocking creativity and alleviating depression.  As if this wasn’t enough, it is said to bring good luck, prosperity and success.

It’s also a protective stone while travelling, and so good to place in your car, or to wear as jewelry during a business trip or holiday.


The Turquoise is a healing stone that unites the earth and the sky, while bringing together male and female energies.  It is protective and good for the well-being of the body.  It dispels negative energy, stabilizes mood swings and brings inner calm, working against exhaustion, depression or panic attacks.  It is a stone of courage, fulfilment and success, representing strength and power.

Placed on the throat, it releases inhibitions, enhances self-expression and calms the nerves, and so is perfect to wear as a pendant during a speaking engagement, or whenever you want to make yourself heard.


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