Gemstone Treatments

A stone that has had no treatment other than cutting, drilling and polishing.

Gemstones created by artificial means in a laboratory, many times to simulate a natural stone's characteristics.

Stones are treated with a dye to alter or enhance their color.

The stones are subjected to the use of heat to alter color or increase clarity. Heating can also be used to lighten or darken a stone.

The creation of a gemstone by assembling and cementing several materials together.

Stones undergo a process that involves putting them under pressure, forcing them to absorb a filler, such as an epoxy, resulting in a harder stone. Sometimes, stabilization also prevents a stone's color from fading.

MATTE stones undergo additional tumbling that require the same skill and craftsmanship as polishing, with the artisans understanding the requirements for each stone type. The matte finish also creates a variation in color from the traditional finish.

DIAMOND CUT stones are faceted with diamond drill bits for sharper and more precise facets that produce more sparkle than a conventionally faceted stone.

STAR CUT stones combine the traditional round and faceted round with fewer facets to create a more modern cut. The 24-Facet Cut (also known as "Rose Cut") eliminates excess weight without sacrificing visual impact.

CABOCHONS are cut and shaped by hand to precise dimensions that coincide with commercially available pre-fabricated bezels and settings. The consistency is also meant to help designers create continuity within pieces that need to be sold at a large volume.

ROUGH CUT, HAND FACETED and SIMPLE CUT stones are individually shaped and cut by skilled artisans. Each stone type needs to be treated differently in the cutting process, as the hardness of the stone and its formation dictate the way the stone is handled and its suitability for different cuts.

Our more advanced drilling technique also results in smoother edges and less potential abrasion to stringing materials.