Frequently Asked Questions

Are the gemstones natural?

The majority of the gemstones that we offer for sale are natural.  We purchase our gemstones from a local reputable wholesale company in North Vancouver, British Columbia.    We do sell some manmade stones as well, most notably, Cubic Zirconia, Goldstone, Blue Faceted Obsidian and Opalite.

Are the stones treated?  Information below is provided by our supplier.

Most gems on the market today are treated in order to improve appearance. Treatment processes can consist of heat, irradiation, dyeing, oiling, or other processes. Detection of these treatments may be easy to nearly impossible. We do our best to disclose all processes known to us at the time of selling.


I ordered the wrong size, can I exchange for the correct size?

Absolutely!  Just email us at and let us know the correct size.  We will sent you our mailing address and once we receive the bracelets we will adjust them for you and send them back.  This process is usually done very quickly.


How do I know you've received my order?

Once we have fulfilled your order you will recieve an order confirmation email.


How do I cancel my order?

Please email us as quickly as possible so we can cancel your order for you.  We do fill orders very fast so if you change your mind and the order is already in the mail you it will take longer to cancel because you will have to mail it back to us and once we receive the order then we will refund you.  


Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Please note that all orders are final and we do not submit refunds.  Please contact us by email as soon as possible if you would like to discuss an exchange.


Do you do customized jewelry?

Yes we do.  Please email us at to discuss what your heart desires. 


Where do you get the gemstone descriptions?

All gemstone description information is from what I have read and researched from various books.  Any information on the healing properties of individual stones is not my views and anyone with an ailment should contact their doctor.  


Still have questions? Please contact us at