Lorna Gemstone Jewelry


Great sales service and knowledge. Very helpful for what was needed. Highly recommend!

Bernice N.

Well, I bought two of these dark green jade point pendants from Canada and they are terrific. I am going to use them for some jewelry making I am doing for birthday presents.

Linda Silvestrini

Best quality gemstones, great handiwork. Smooth process from start to finish. Super happy customer!

Lillian Lum

Beautiful gemstones and wonderful customer service. Lorna is kind and compassionate and her gemstones shine! I highly recommend this place if you need healing earth energy in your life that looks stunning.

Isabelle Desmarais

Lorna lovingly repaired two malas that I had purchased in India. She imbibed her beautiful energy, care and commitment every step of the way. She does amazing work and has a studio full of amazing and creative works that make me want to buy more!!!

Natasha Thorpe

I've had nothing but excellent work done from Lorna Gemstone Jewelry! She gets better and better as time passes. I can usually be found wearing at least one of her bracelets at once. As of right now I am excitedly awaiting one of her triple combo bracelets. Haven't been able to get to our local post office due to a sudden snow storm leaving our roads very slippery and I'm disabled so can't get around. Gives me more time to await my package of bracelets!!! Can hardly wait!!!

Judy Probert

Amazing jewelry. I love all my pieces. Right away my friends asked "where did you get these". Thanks so much Lorna. Love your gemstones!!!

Meagan Mucha

I have bought a few of Lorna’s pieces now and they are very well-made with lovely energy. I broke a special item of my own and she sourced out a replacement for me and had it repaired and back to me quickly. I highly recommend this local Vancouver jewellery artist!

Jennifer Chemago

Great jewelry! Wonderful maker and really high quality items!

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