About Lorna


Established in 2014, Lorna Gemstone Jewelry has been providing customers with exceptional service and gemstones carefully selected to ensure that you have a variety of healing crystals that best suit your needs. Our inventory is energy cleared before being created with positive intentions and various sizes.

Lorna O’Grady is a member of the Métis Nations BC. She was born in Minnedosa, MB and was raised in Moosomin, SK before moving to Sparwood, BC. After graduating from high school she furthered her studies in business and human resources management. Lorna moved to the Lower Mainland in 1989 and focused on advancing in her career successfully to the executive level.  Recently she turned her passion for authentic gemstones into a home-based business. Lorna Gemstone Jewelry products were born out of a desire to provide you with intentional and beautiful products to expand your wellness, and your state of mind.   

We may choose a piece of jewelry for its beauty, but beyond their beauty they carry meaning and energy. Each stone carries its own metaphysical properties. They are formed by the efforts of the earth and time.  


This logo above is my personalized Star Activation Soul Blueprint. A Star Activation Soul Blueprint is a personalized sacred geometric image that supports you in discovering what your gifts are and your purpose.  To learn more click here" <hyperlink: https://www.lotusdestiny.com/services/lotus-destiny-star-activation-system/>

✦ What customers are saying about Lorna Gemstone Jewelry  

Date Comments
15-Mar-20 Thank you so much!  I'm so happy that you could do this for me!! You are amazing!!  I am so excited!  I love them! You're the best!
08-Mar-20 Thanks for listening and support
07-Mar-20 Lorna it was a pleasure meeting you today. My Mum and I enjoyed your booth and love our purchases. It was lovely.
17-Feb-20 great, wanted something for arthritis and a few selections were given. I prefer the smaller beads as opposed to bigger, but a very nice selection, I will be buying more!
09-Feb-20 Lorna was awesome! Helpful and knowledgeable and kind! We met at the Health Show in Esquimalt. Her gem jewelry is beautiful!
17-Nov-19 Knowledge & communication.
17-Nov-19 The ease, comfort, honesty & knowledge of purchasing a gift with positive intention for a loved one, thank you ❤
03-Nov-19 Very friendly and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the experience.
02-Nov-19 Wonderful woman selling them! Great work!
20-10-19 Thanks for the customization on my bracelet! 😊
21-09-19 Wish I had more time to explore. Came at the end of her being there.
24-08-19 What an incredible person. She is a gem.
23-08-19 Wonderful woman to talk to.
03-08-19 A lovely time with this imaginitive Artisan!
28-07-19 So life giving to connect with you today Lorna. Thank you for your energy and the bracelet you made for me. Our time and conversation will be a memory to remember. Thank you for your goodness. Maryann
15-06-19 Thank you for making my new skull bracelet!  Love it!!
01-06-19 Wonderful as always!
06-04-19 It amazing how the universe works!
19-03-19 Vendor was very nice and informative!
19-03-19 Lorna, it was great to meet you.  Thank you for the selenite bowl!  It is  great for clearing my crystal bracelets.  
18-02-19 Really patient person who waited for me to make the right selection. It was nice to talk to the creator of the bracelets I bought. Namaste.
04-01-19 Excellent
16-12-18 Lorna was very welcoming and friendly. This was my first purchase and she took the time to explain things. We had a nice chat. I will be back again!
08-12-18 very informative about each item and very helpful and honest
12-03-18 Good quality products and service with a smile. Thanks for customizing my Angelite bracelet.
11-25-18 Thanks for the personalized service. Good luck with your website!
11-18-18 Lorna’s designs are so beautiful! She is so knowledgeable about all her stones and knows how to help you find exactly what you want! If something needs to be resized she can do it on the spot! Great customer service!
11-06-18 Thank you very much for taking the time to send me your positive feedback.  I appreciate it very much!  Regards, Lorna O'Grady
14-10-18 Love my new bracelet... thank you so much for making it for me, exactly as I wanted!  Namaste  🙏
14-10-18 I enjoyed being at her booth at WCWS this weekend.  Beautiful product & reasonable prices
13-10-18 The way the stall was set up colour wise and the fact that each of the different gemstones had their own bio made finding the right bracelets easier. The quality and style of them were better than the other stalls that we saw and the friendliness of the owners made the experience even better. A+ experience!
28-08-18 I had a great Experience I would definitely go back.  🙏🏿👍😎
25-08-18 Beautiful selection of bracelets.
24-06-18 HI Lorna, thank you so much for today!  Love all my bracelets and so does my friend!  I would love a huge necklace with all the healing stones if you do ever feel that could work-I think it would be super neat and I sure would be covered in all the aspects of healing too!!
24-06-18 Lorna was really nice and easy to talk to, she was very accommodating and I appreciate just her genuine ease and warmth. It really reflects the way has a light and a passion in sharing her gifts and ideas. Lending her opinion and expertise. Was a lovely experience purchasing from her.
6-11-18 Thank you so much for having exactly what I was looking for!!!
5-12-18 Supreme customer service, she took apart two bracelets to make me one & I absolutely love it also made the exact same one for my daughter  so she would not take mine, perfect
5-05-18 She was so fun and nice to talk with.  I think I love her!!
4-08-18 We thought you were very nice and gracious.  That made the sale!