About Lorna

Are you ready to clear those subconscious blocks that are holding you back?

Would you like to bust through those limiting beliefs so you can step fully into your light and shine with confidence?

As an intuitive coach I support you to get unstuck helping you unleash and unlock the essence of your authentic self.

I have many years of training from various coaches and most recently I completed the Akashic Record Consultant - The Souls Journey Method Level 1 and 11 and received my Intuitive Coach Certificate through the Heart Led Living Intuition Academy.

I’m Lorna and I live on the West Coast of Canada. I work as an artisan offering gemstone jewelry for the minimalist whose focus is on the beauty and healing properties of natural crystals and I am an intuitive coach.  For as long as I can remember I have had an interest in energy work and the spiritual world so being drawn to and working with healing crystals and becoming an intuitive coach was fitting.  

From my paternal side I am Métis. (The Métis trace their descent to both Indigenous North Americans and European settlers.)  Over the course of many years, I had the opportunity to advance my career in business management.  In 2014, my interest and focus was taken from changing my hobby of working with gemstones to a home-based business and that was when Lorna Gemstone Jewelry was born.  The transition in 2015 from working in the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur was nerve-wracking, yet very exciting.

Lorna Gemstone Jewelry products were born out of a desire to provide you with intentional and beautiful products to expand your wellness, and your state of mind.

I don't just “string beads together”– the healing starts when I get your order.  The gemstones energy is cleansed using sacred sage, before I start making your item(s) and after it is created.  While I am making the item(s) positive intentions are infused into each piece so that you will be guided to be more aligned and content with your journey on this earth.

You may be drawn to a piece of jewelry for its beauty, but beyond their beauty they carry meaning and energy.  Each stone carries its own metaphysical properties.  They are formed by the efforts of the earth and time.


Client testimonials: 

“Her jewelry is beautiful and I love the customized bracelet she made for me! She's awesome!”

“Just love my bracelet the colour is amazing plus side it didn’t take long to get it shipped here. Thank you so much!”

“A few months back, I needed a necklace of mine fixed. I was really sad when I noticed my necklace was falling apart but I found Lorna and she helped me take it and turn it into three beautiful pieces. She gave me a new necklace for the pendant and she took the chakra beads and made two bracelets for me. She gave my old necklace new life and she was so amazing about it.”

“Beautiful and best quality bracelets, always service with a smile, Lorna is the best!”

“Lorna does wonderful work ... all the pcs she has created for me I have loved. She is very professional and willing to accommodate. I will definitely be getting more pcs in the future.”

“Lorna is friendly and helpful.  She does adjustments promptly and goes above and beyond.  She has a beautiful collection and choices.”



The logo above is my personalized Star Activation Soul Blueprint. A Star Activation Soul Blueprint is a personalized sacred geometric image that supports you in discovering what your gifts are and your purpose.  To learn more click here" <hyperlink: https://www.lotusdestiny.com/services/lotus-destiny-star-actvation-system/>