About Us

Lorna O’Grady is a member of the Métis Nations BC. She was born in Minnedosa, MB and was raised in Moosomin, SK before moving to Sparwood, BC. After graduating from high school she furthered her studies in business and human resources management. Lorna moved to the Lower Mainland in 1989 and focused on advancing in her career successfully to the executive level.  Recently she turned her passion for authentic gemstones into a home-based business. Lorna Gemstone Jewelry uses a variety of beautiful gemstones to handcraft jewelry in North Vancouver, BC. 

We may choose a piece of jewelry for its beauty, but beyond their beauty they carry meaning and energy. Each stone carries its own metaphysical properties. They are formed by the efforts of the earth and time.


This logo above is my personalized Star Activation Soul Blueprint. A Star Activation Soul Blueprint is a personalized sacred geometric image that supports you in discovering what your gifts are and your purpose.  To learn more click here" <hyperlink: https://www.lotusdestiny.com/services/lotus-destiny-star-activation-system/>