Gemstones to help you plan for your Special Day

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Planning your special day?  Stay calm and protected by wearing a gemstone bracelet.  If you can’t choose just one gemstone they look great stacked! 

Amethyst stones are great wedding crystals to help you relax and soothe anxiety. View Amethyst collection here.

Similar to pyrite, citrine is not one of those sleepy wedding crystals. Engaged couples who are feeling a bit fatigued, whether mentally, emotionally or physically, will benefit from citrine. It’s a crystal of manifestation and creative energy, so it wouldn’t hurt to keep it around when you have lots of thoughts whirling around, but need them to crystallize. Citrine, which is in the quartz family, is also associated with the body’s solar plexus, so if you’re having trouble trusting your gut and harnessing your power, this is the stone for you. View Citrine collection here.

Howlite is a stone you want to have when you start to plan your wedding. It’s said to work wonders for insomnia, maybe because it’s incredibly calming energy drags the sandman kicking and screaming from wherever he happens to be hiding. Howlite, in the turquoise family, is also the MVP of focus, helping to get a chronically cluttered mind into ship shape for whatever mental chores lie ahead.  View Howlite collection here.

If you have a lot on your plate and you need to destress, this is where fiery pyrite comes in. Otherwise known as fool’s gold, this shiny metallic doubles as one of the healing stones and crystals that gives you a nice kick in the pants. If you’re waffling on indoor ceremony backdrops or stumped on building a processional playlist, twirl this little baby between your hands, place it in your work space or place it next to you on your night stand to help your much-needed “aha” moments take shape.

A powerful healing stone for relationships, the Rhodonite crystal encourages clear communication, the lifeline for a strong and healthy union. With the Rhodonite crystal included in your crystal first aid kit, always look on the pink side of life, even in times of stress. Referred to as the rescue stone, wearing a Rhodonite bracelet brings forgiveness, compassion and releases fear. View Rhodonite collection here.

Rose Quartz
Considering they’re celebrations of eternal love, weddings can be very stressful to plan. Stay happy and remember why you want to be married with a bit of loving rose quartz. Rose Quartz’s energy goes right to the heart chakra. Some experts advise to keep a bit of this in each room of your home to simultaneously promote love of yourself, love from others and compassion. Pro tip: Throw on your rose quartz bracelet before you go to a meeting or wedding planning session. You’re sure to focus more on how much you’re loved and adored than whatever task is at hand. View Rose Quartz collection here.

Smoky Quartz
One of the fiercest healing stones and crystals available, this serves as a strong deterrent to negativity — inner and outer — while also helping to offer much-needed clarity and calm in difficult situations. If you’re struggling with interpersonal flare ups and need to calm down, put on your Smokey Quartz bracelet for some protection and trust that this gem has your back.

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