Gemstone Jewelry for the Naturalist

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Gemstone bracelets are perfect for stacking!  Wear your bracelets on your daily ventures, or as a focus/prayer beaded bracelet, helping you meditate/pray or even do yoga. The special properties of the chosen stones are what make the bracelet all that it is. 

Gemstones are special forms of combined minerals that occur in nature.  Usually it takes thousands or millions of years for nature to create these stones.  So they are natural and ancient products! Some gems are very common in nature, others are extremely rare.

Besides being beautiful, these forms of minerals also carry an energy field and a consciousness.  Every gemstone has healing energies and properties that can support us in our daily lives.  They have their own effect. Sometimes they have overlap or a similar energy field. But they are always unique in their own way.

Since special gemstones and beads have spiritual and healing properties, wearing a gemstone bracelet or necklace might just be what you need to have a better and happier day!

Check out the gemstone properties listed about the individual stones under the "Learning Centre" tab.

Featured image:

Howlite and Lava Stone - View Howlite collection here.

Green Aventurine - View Green Aventurine collection here.

Rose Quartz - View Rose Quartz collection here.


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