Gemstones and Back to School

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It’s that time of year again!  School is back in session and whether you are a student heading back to school or you a parent getting them there, everyone can use some good healing energy during these transitional times.  We’ve put together a list of gemstones that would help regarding new beginnings, mental clarity & more.

Amethyst - reduces anxiety and aids memory retention. It also provides protection from negativity.  Amethyst can really help you read a situation and trust your gut about it.  Amethyst is amazing for providing protection, reducing anxiety, and kicking bad habits!

Aquamarine - clarifies perception, sharpens the intellect and clears confusion. Helps to reduce stress and calm the mind.

Black Obsidian - is an extremely protective stone, helping to ward off bad energies and keep your own energy cleansed. It's easy to hold onto other people’s energies and vibrations, especially if you are an empath so keep your black obsidian close to you!

Carnelian - boosts confidence and aids in mental efficiency and the ability to learn. It is great for assertion without aggression, providing confidence and self-esteem.   Carnelian is a stone of passion! It is the best for keeping your spirits up and giving you a zest for life! This can be helpful for staying energized during those early mornings. It can give you that extra boost of creativity you need for a project! Carnelian is amazing for promoting vitality and drive to get things done and do them well!

Cherry Quartz is used to help rid anxiety and attaining emotional balance.

Citrine - balances hormonal changes, increases self-worth.

Fluorite - improves concentration and absorption of new ideas and provides calmness. It helps you absorb new topics and helps you to stay on track. Sometimes it is really hard to stay focused and we need that boost of mental clarity, and that's where fluorite comes in. It is also great for helping make decision and keeping you calm while dealing with difficult tasks.

Labradorite – is used for protection against unwanted negative attention and balancing out moods.

Rainbow Moonstone - is one of the best stones for new beginnings and accepting change. Use this stone to help ease that anxiety and embrace change. Eases transitions to accept change and boosts your intuition.

Rhodonite - balances mental and physical energy, putting you in a focused state of mind.

Rose Quartz - is the 'Stone of Love' but that doesn't just mean romantic love, it means unconditional love in all forms. Rose Quartz helps bring kindness and encouragement to others and yourself, and sometimes we need that extra boost of self-love. Rose Quartz can help you find that love within yourself and spread that joy and kindness to other people.

Sodalite - provides introspection and confidence to focus on studies or well as communication to express ideas.

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