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Renewal * New Beginnings * Calm

Do you feel the shift in energy?   Does it feel like you can breathe a little?  It goes without saying that we are all going to remember 2020.  We have headed into unchartered territories and are doing our part in making this a safe place to live.

New beginnings can feel like an adventure.  Whether it’s planting a garden, cleaning out your closet, starting a new exercise program, new job, new relationship, or a whole new take on life, change fills us with a sense of possibility and freshness.

Of course, not all changes come from choice. Some are due to health concerns or painful endings and now the pandemic.  Whatever the cause of a fresh start, it’s our choices that determine the long-term outcome.

Change is powerful because it’s lasting and alters the person within.   Whether you have been a lover of gemstones for many years or just learning about the properties, finding a gemstone that you resonate with will help you during this time of change. 

Here are some gemstones that are widely known for renewal and new beginnings:

  • Labradorite (Stone of Serendipity and Magic)
  • Rainbow Moonstone (stone of new beginnings)
  • Amazonite (Stone of Hope, Success, Abundance, Courage & Truth)
  • Citrine (The Lucky Merchant’s Stone, Money, Income)
  • Howlite (Reduce anxiety, Calming)
  • Aventurine (Comforter and Heart Healer)
  • Quartz Crystal (The Healing Master)

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