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Below are several gemstones you can choose from to have with you during travel to protect you.  Whether you wear a bracelet, necklace or just carry a stone in your pocket or purse while you travel, it will benefit you.

Amethyst is one of the most traditional and ancient protection stones in use today.   It is said to repel negative energy, and offer protection from psychic and unseen attack.  Amethyst is reported to be especially protective of travelers, offering them protection from thieves.  It also enhances personal flexibility and a spirit of cooperation, which can be helpful when traveling.

Aquamarine, both legend and modern spiritual interpretation agree that  is the best overall stone for travel on water or over water.  It is even supposed to help with sea sickness, and assists in calming tensions and stresses caused by travel.

Black Tourmaline is an all- around protection stone, black tourmaline is especially helpful in protecting its wearer/bearer from all the stray and crazy energy other travelers bring to the scene.  Stuck in an airplane with a draining complainer?   Some believe that black tourmaline helps protect the wearer from airport x-ray machine.

Malachite is especially protective for those traveling by airplane or upon crowded highways and freeways.  Malachite protects from all kinds of accidents.  Legend has it that malachite will crumble when danger is near, and as such is considered a great warning stone.  Malachite is said to assist in overcoming fears associated with flying, and can help lessen the impact of vertigo.

Moonstone is labeled the “traveler’s stone” by Folklore.  It has a long reputation to be protective for travelers, especially those heading over water, and is said to offer some relief from jet lag.  It also has a reputation to be beneficial for protection during nighttime travel. Moonstone is all all-around good luck stone, which just makes it that much greater of a traveling stone.

Pearl and Mother of Pearl are traditionally considered good luck tokens for travel over the sea.

Smoky Quartz is a great general protection stone during travel.  It helps dissipate negativity and tensions that arise from travel, and protects from the chaotic and crazy energies of other travelers.  This stone positively influences cooperation and alertness, which are always a boon when navigating busy airports and stations.

Tiger Eye is an all-around protection stones, especially protective during travel.  It is very grounding, and promotes patience.

Yellow Jasper protects travelers.  It is a traveler’s assistant stone, helping the traveler stay grounded while the world is moving by.  Some report that Yellow Jasper helps diminish the effects of nausea and motion sickness, and promotes stability and balance.

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