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Howlite is known to possess calming & balancing properties and more, making it the perfect stone to wear to help you feel calm, rested, and balanced.

Discovered in Canada in 1868, Howlite gets its name from Henry How, the geologist credited with its discovery. Howlite is usually a white stone with a marbled effect. This neutral tone makes it the perfect stone to pair with other gemstones.

Because of its porous surface, Howlite is often dyed and sold as imitation-turquoise called Turquoise Howlite. Many, however, love the natural look of Howlite! Our favorite trait of Howlite is that this stone is known to promote positive energy, as well as relieve tension and stress. Many claim that these properties give Howlite the ability to cure insomnia. This stone also heightens awareness and patience.

Preparing for a major work project? Wear a Howlite bracelet to absorb these healing properties and feel the stress peel away.  Aside from these traits, we can’t help but love Howlite for its sleek appearance. The neutral tones look great when stacked with other bracelets.  You can never have too many bracelets on! 

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