Using Crystals to Cleanse the House

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Want to take your house cleaning to another level  by addressing the invisible energy in your home? Have you ever felt heavy in a house even after cleaning it?  It could be the negative vibes lingering in the home.  Spiritual Cleaning (crystal smudging) addresses this.

Crystals each have their own vibration and composition creating varied frequencies. Some stones will have a grounding vibration, while others may have a higher level of vibration they ring. Crystals are powerful for helping shift, and diffuse energy in the home or any environment they are placed or used. 

Create a cleaning spray

Fill a glass jar with: 

  • Black Tourmaline to protect and neutralize your environment, it helps to ward off negative influences, improve sleep, and helps energy flow.
  • Clear Crystal Quartz helps with clarity in the house, and neutralizes any high unbalanced frequencies.
  • Citrine brings white light and brings a warming effect into the home for positivity. View Citrine Collection here.
  • Fluorite is great for calming, encourages concentration, and promotes clarity. 
  • Rose Quartz encourages love, empathy and gratitude in the home. View Rose Quartz collection here.

Fill the container up with spring or mineral water. Before sealing the container, say out loud and with intention “This water is love, this water is pure, and will cleanse my environment, it is symbolic of white light and positivity.” Place under the sun and moon for a few days, my magic number is 3. Then add the water to a spray bottle (the finer the mist the better), and spritz in all the corners in each room or any area that feels stuck or stagnant. If you really want to get cleansing use the water to mop your floors.
And do not forget to spray your closets. 

Bonus Tips:
•    Place two small pieces of Rose Quartz and a piece of Smoky Quartz in each of your planters. 
•    If you are a gardener place Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Moss Agate, Green Calcite, Malachite, Clear Quartz, Tigers Eye, and Citrine into your watering can. If you do not have all of the stones that is ok, use what you can from the list. 


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