• $20.00 CAD

Natural citrine points from Brazil are simple and stunning. Each one is topped with a silver coating and finished with a bale.  Each pendant varies in shape, color and size.

Dimensions:  Approx. 3 - 4 cm.  Purchase sterling silver chain separately.  


Citrine's radiant yellow and gold energy activates, opens and energizes, directing personal power, creativity and intelligent decisiveness to enhance the physical body. It increases mental and emotional clarity, memory, willpower, optimism, confidence and self-discipline. It also reduces anxiety, fear and depression.  Citrine's foremost energy is to aid in manifestation. It is considered the "merchant stone" due to its ability to promote abundance, creativity and power.   Citrine also stimulates the crown chakra and is therefore helpful in stimulating the mind. It also helps align the chakras and balances energy.

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