• $20.00 CAD

This stylish crystal pendant features a double terminated polished turquoise howlite point pendant in a metal cap. Turquoise / Blue Howlite is dyed Howlite. 

Pendant dimensions: approx. 44mm.  Purchase sterling silver chain separately.


Turquoise Howlite has all the generic properties of howlite but additional properties associated with its colour. Turquoise / Blue Howlite can aid the throat chakra, dream recall and enables the understanding of dreams. It can also assist astral travel during sleep. Howlite is a very calming stone. It is an excellent remedy for insomnia and is calming for an overactive mind meaning that it can also be used as an aid for meditation. Howlite aids patience and reduces anxiety, tensions, stress and anger, including any anger directed towards its owner. It is gentle, soothing and calms the energy around you.  

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