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Lorna Gemstone Jewelry

Amazonite Matte Bracelet-Gemstone Jewelry

Amazonite Matte Bracelet-Gemstone Jewelry

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This bracelet is made with amazonite, matte gemstones and stretchy elastic. Gemstones vary in color. Matte means dull and flat without a shine.  

This bracelet will come to you in an organza gift bag, along with an information sheet on the various crystal meanings.


Amazonite, turquoise green in colour, is the stone of hope, success and abundance.  By dissipating energy blockages, Amazonite can help bring positive feelings and work-ethic to any financial venture.  It reinforces leadership qualities and calms the mind.   In a practical way, Amazonite will help you gain financial success by influencing decision making, giving you clear thoughts and put an end to nervous emotions when having to make tough business calls.  This is a fabulous stone to use for luck and success in business.

Amazonite is a great stone to remind one to connect to their inner power and take charge of their life.  If your mind is polluted with toxic negativity, clean it up with Amazonite. Often, pain that we experienced in our past creates energy blocks in our present. This can manifest into difficulty expressing yourself in relationships, or even into creative slumps at work. By flooding your heart and throat chakras with loving energy, amazonite opens you up to release that which has hurt you so you can better express yourself in every area of life.  This crystal also protects you from electromagnetic frequency (EMF). 

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