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Lorna Gemstone Jewelry

Sterling Silver Flat Curb Chain-Gemstone Jewelry

Sterling Silver Flat Curb Chain-Gemstone Jewelry

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The .925 sterling silver necklace is a flat curb chain that gives your design a stylish and smooth look. It’s categorized under the link styles chains. It is small and wears softly around your neck. The jewelry chain is the finest diamond cut that can be found.

The necklace chain is finished with a spring clasp and a chain tab already attached. Wear it as is or use it to slide on a pendant. The chain tab has a hole that you can use to attach a small jewelry component such as a charm or a personalized jewelry tag.

Necklace length: 18″  (46cm)  :::  thickness: 0.95mm  :::  weight: 1.44 grams
Necklace length: 20″ (51cm)  :::  thickness: 0.95mm  :::  weight: 1.54 grams
Necklace length: 22″ (56cm)  :::  thickness: 0.95mm  :::  weight: 1.66 grams

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