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Lorna Gemstone Jewelry

Smokeless Smudge Spray-Sage and Cedar-Gemstone Jewelry

Smokeless Smudge Spray-Sage and Cedar-Gemstone Jewelry

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This smoke-free smudge mist is perfect for clearing away old, stagnant or negative energies.  Light mist 10ml amber bottle.

Looking for an alternative to energy clearing when unable to burn a sage bundle? Our reusable glass bottles are convenient to take with you in your purse, bag, or to leave in your car or office desk.  We created this earth-friendly smokeless smudge spray to enjoy the essence of smudging, without the smoke. A modern twist to a traditional practice.

This spray is made with an essential oil blend of natural clary sage and cedarwood. Perfume scent-free.  Our 10ml amber glass essential oil bottles have a light mist spray perfect for a quick energy cleansing spritz.

* Handmade in Canada 

**  Bulk orders: please contact me for discounted price.

*** Ships only within Canada. (Internationally Prohibited Item - unable to ship to USA)

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