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Lorna Gemstone Jewelry

Sage Smudging Bundle-Gemstone Jewelry

Sage Smudging Bundle-Gemstone Jewelry

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This bundle is natural white sage, approx. 4 inches (10.6cm) in length. 

It has been harvested mainly in the prairies and when unavaible it is sourced from California.  The sage is harvested by selected indigenous companies that employ people in their community they reside in, and who follow their customs and traditions. The white sage is wild, and is harvested by individual pickers (no big cultivation or farms involved). The wild sage is ethically harvested with leaving enough plants to self-populate the following year. The bundles are created by the people who do the harvesting and then shipped to a supplier in Vancouver, BC.   

Sage is used to remove stagnant energy and cleanse negativity from people, objects and dwelling places. Juniper further helps to enhance this cleansing and the sweetgrass invites fresh, positive energy.

Simply light tip, blow out flame and waft the smoke. Suggestions to extinguish may be in sand, an abalone shell, ashtray or an old onion soup bowl with a handle.

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