Sterling Silver Snake Chain-Gemstone Jewelry

Sterling Silver Snake Chain-Gemstone Jewelry

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  • $55.00 CAD

This sterling silver necklace is a Snake chain that has a surface profile that gives your design an elegant and flexible look. The jewelry chain is the finest diamond cut that can be found.

The necklace chain is finished with a spring clasp and a chain tab already attached. Wear it as is or use it to slide on a pendant. The chain tab has a hole that you can use to attach a small jewelry component such as a charm or a personalized jewelry tag.

Necklace length: 18″  (46cm)  :::  thickness: 0.85mm  :::  weight: 2.80 grams

Necklace length: 20″ (51cm)  :::  thickness: 0.85mm  :::  weight: 3.05 grams

Necklace length: 22″ (56cm)  :::  thickness: 0.85mm  :::  weight: 3.33 grams 

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